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HIT - HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training

The HIT learning method consists of three modules with which you can increase your knowledge independently.

Module 1: HIT software
Using interactive training examples, animations and control simulations, the HIT software teaches you about HEIDENHAIN controls.

Module 2: Programming station
The programming station is the PC-based counterpart to a control for a machine tool. You can create NC programs on it just as on the real control. You can write programs, simulate them graphically, and then transfer them to the machine tool. When you are finished ordering, you can download the programming station for free.

Module 3: HIT workbook
Using the production of a workpiece as a guide, the HIT workbook leads you through the PC-based HIT software and programming station modules. You will find many assignments and numerous programming examples here. When you are finished ordering, you can download a PDF of the workbook for free.

HIT Klartext and HIT DIN/ISO is no longer available on this platform

Use the new interactive learning method for NC programming:

HIT – HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training 3.0

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